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Adult Orthodontics
Kennett Square, PA

Image of an adult woman smiling after getting orthodontic treatment, at Kennett Square, PA. Simply put, adult orthodontics is geared toward patients older than 18. This is an important distinction because, in the past, orthodontics was mostly oriented toward children, especially when it comes to traditional braces. Adult patients were less enthusiastic about wearing traditional braces because they believed it affected their facial aesthetics.

The good news is that adult orthodontics fixes many of these problems by introducing modern devices such as clear aligners and Damon braces. Moreover, the social stigma around adults wearing braces is dying down, and it is completely normal for someone over the age of 18 to be seen wearing braces. Thanks to the specialized experience of professionals like Dr. Greeley and Dr. Connie Greeley at Greeley Orthodontics, patients of all age groups can improve the quality of their lives through orthodontics. Braces for adults are now a real thing and can be used to treat various tooth alignment issues.

Why Damon Braces?

Damon braces are one of the newest additions to the world of orthodontics and a stellar example of innovation in dentistry. They are very similar to traditional braces, in that, they have the exact same goal of straightening the patient’s teeth. But this is where the similarities end. While traditional braces stay in place using elastics, Damon braces work by using an innovative sliding mechanism that makes the movement of teeth more natural. The use of elastics in traditional braces can contribute to a lot of friction and discomfort for patients. Some of the numerous benefits of Damon braces include:
•  Ease of use
•  Less discomfort and pain
•  Faster process
•  Fewer appointments for making necessary adjustments
•  Easier to practice dental hygiene because you don’t have to worry about the presence of elastics

So what is the secret behind Damon braces? The answer is simple: elastics are no longer a concern for patients. In social settings, people are worried about the elastics in their braces sticking out. It’s also much harder to clean elastics since they easily attract bacteria and germs, causing the braces to look unsightly in the span of a few months. In short, dental hygiene can be difficult to deal with if you’re wearing traditional braces.

Things get even worse if the wire or bracket breaks, requiring you to make an appointment with your dentist. This could easily reverse all the progress you made by several months. Damon braces are a convenient alternative to traditional braces for adults. They are less noticeable, which lets patients feel more confident with their smiles.

How to Keep Clear Aligners Clean

You may also opt to wear clear aligners as an alternative to braces. If so, you’ll have to rinse them every night with water. You will also have to make adjustments to your dental hygiene routine, such as using soft-brushed toothbrushes and gentle clear liquid soap to clear out any debris that has accumulated during the day.

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For patients of all age demographics, Dr. Greeley and Dr. Connie Greeley at Greeley Orthodontics can improve the quality of their lives via adult orthodontics!
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