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Protecting your Braces
Kennett Square, PA

A girl is getting her braces cleaning in a dental chair.If Dr. Greeley has recommended braces for your teeth, you shouldn’t be worried or surprised, as this is a very common treatment for children, teenagers and adults. Usually, braces are placed on teeth that are still growing, between the ages of 11-16, but braces for adults are becoming more and more frequent.

With constant treatment, comes constant care, and the braces must be cleaned and maintained to ensure plaque does not build up around them. If oral hygiene is not maintained, you may need further treatment for your teeth, due to oral damage.

Greeley Orthodontics is here to help prevent oral complications and keep your teeth clean during your treatment journey.

What You Can Do

Good brushing and flossing are paramount for braces users. Dr. Greeley will instruct you on how to clean your teeth with braces. Soft brushes are better, to avoid damaging any parts, along with an interdental brush to get around the trickier parts of the components.

Brush as normal, being sure to clean the biting surfaces and behind the teeth, also between the teeth and under the archwire, by brushing at a 45-degree angle towards the gumline.

What We Will Do

It is in your best interest to protect your teeth properly while you have braces. Dr. Greeley will provide a list of the foods you must avoid, which depends on the type of braces you have. As a general rule, nothing that is too hard or sticky, such as whole apples or caramel. Also, chewing on hard objects, i.e. pen lids and fingernails, could damage the braces.

Any damage caused to the braces could seriously affect treatment and the time taken for it to be completed, not to mention complications with the teeth. However, if you follow the guidelines, the majority of cases have no complications at all.

Protecting Your Braces During Sports

If you participate in contact sports, you will want to wear a mouth guard over your braces. We can provide one for you, or you can also purchase a mouth guard for braces from a sporting goods store. Please avoid using a custom mouth guard that inhibits your tooth movement.

Greeley Orthodontics wants to help ensure your braces are protected from any damage, disease, breakings or loosening. Call us at 484-346-6008 so we can help you start your journey to straighter teeth.

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Protecting Your Braces - Greeley Orthodontics - Kennett Square PA
With treatment, comes care, and braces must be cleaned and maintained to ensure plaque does not build up around them. Call Greeley Orthodontics now!
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