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Why Clear Aligners?
Kennett Square, PA

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Clear aligners can be a good alternative to move your teeth. Typically, aligners are designed from impressions that are obtained from scanning your teeth and bite with a digital scanner so no need for impressions.

You will likely have a series of aligners that are worn 21 hours per day for 7-14 days each depending on your treatment. Each aligner is programmed to move your teeth at a set rate that is kind to your bone and tissues.

You may also need to have customized tooth colored attachments temporarily attached to your teeth to facilitate tooth movement but no poking wires!

Some elastic wear may also be needed but these are discreet.

The aligners are easily inserted and removed for eating and cleaning. There few limitations to your diet during aligner treatment.

It may take approx 12-48 sets of aligners in order to achieve your treatment goals. With good commitment to wear, visits can be spaced out to 10-12 weeks using tele-check ups as needed.

How Aligners Work

Aligners offer a way for you to move your teeth undetected. Teeth respond best to light continuous forces in order to activate the bone and tissue metabolism that allows movement. If you can commit to wearing the aligners consistently you will experience a great response in a reasonable time period. There is great benefit in encircling each tooth with the aligner material to direct forces properly and eliminate unwanted movement. Recently, we have added the additional benefit of applying vibrations to enhance tooth movement. We are offering the use of the VPRO vibration tool that can be used 5 minutes per day to help improve aligner seating, minimize any discomfort, and may even shorten the time needed to wear each aligner.

Learn more about the differences between aligners vs braces and how to keep clear aligners clean.

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Clear aligners can be a good alternative to move your teeth. Call Greeley Orthodontics right now and schedule your consultation for clear aligners today!
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