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Why Damon Braces

A smiling teen boy with braces.Damon braces are a relatively new alternative to the traditional braces method for straightening teeth. The difference between the two is that Damon braces have the patient’s comfort in mind, and can often mean quicker, better, and more comfortable results.

Greeley Orthodontics wants the best for their patients, which is why we offer Damon Braces. With improved comfort, and fewer appointments, Damon braces could be your solution to a straighter and brighter smile.

Treatment With Damon Braces

Damon braces, in principle, work similarly to traditional braces. They still involve the use of brackets and a wire to straighten your teeth. However, the big difference is that Damon braces are self-ligating. What this means is that the wire can move more freely, using a sliding mechanism, giving more comfort to the patient while eating and talking. This eliminates the need for elasticated bands on the brackets, which yellowed over time due to the bacteria that would surround them. In short, self-ligating Damon braces means a more comfortable, more hygienic, solution for your mouth.

The results are often seen to be of higher quality compared to traditional braces, as they offer upright teeth that are more aesthetic and better for a patient’s bite. Damon braces can also help treat a smile a patient is unhappy with, such as gummy smiles. Removing the braces, at the end of the treatment, is easier than with traditional braces, and puts less stress upon the patient and their mouth.

Damon bracket at Greeley Orthodontics in Kennett Square, PA


Damon braces can often achieve better results in a shorter time period. Due to their self-ligating property, Damon braces can reduce treatment time by as much as six months, in comparison to traditional braces. This is ideal for patients looking to achieve results in a shorter time period, then return their oral cavity to a normal state.

Patients who would have to have tooth extraction, a palatal expander, or other procedures before traditional braces, do not need to worry with Damon braces. Damon braces can offer almost all cases a surgery-free and hassle-free treatment plan.

Damon braces are also available as Damon Clear. Damon clear’s brackets are made from ceramic, making them see-through. This offers a more aesthetic and inconspicuous method to teeth straightening. Methods, such as Invisalign®, are not as hygienic as Damon braces, and can be lost or broken due to their removability and fragility. Damon braces can also accommodate more comprehensive treatment that Invisalign can’t, and can achieve the same, if not better, results.

Greeley Orthodontics offers Damon braces to our patients to achieve a great, straight smile, in the most comfortable way. Dr. Greeley can examine your oral cavity and a treatment plan can be drawn up to show you how long it would take for your teeth to align, and what type of braces we can offer. The average time for adult braces is 1-3 years, but this also depends on the method you choose.

We can help accommodate your needs, and are happy to help in any way we can. Learn more about how braces work, then call us at 484-346-6008 to book your consultation appointment now.

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Why Damon Braces - Greeley Orthodontics - Kennett Square PA
Greeley Orthodontics wants the best for their patients, which is why we offer Damon Braces. Call Greeley Orthodontics today to learn more about Damon Braces!
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